Destic Plastics

Your partner for design, precision and mass production of plastic products

Laser with precision

“we can shape any plastic, secure within a tenth of a millimeter”

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Multimedia for your presentation

For over twenty-five years, Destic is strong in plastics. From a simple part of medical equipment till a colossal display to promote sport labels: we can really make anything out of plastics. It starts wit the translation of your specific wishes into a resourceful design, whereupon we can also deliver the production of one single product or we can realize a whole series in your own home. Whatever your wish is, we always deliver quality in plastics.

Reliable functionality

In delivering specific components to for example the medical world, reliable functionality comes first. We produce refined plastic plates, which are crucial for the technical management of medical equipment. We also have waterproof caps, which protect many AED against wind and wheather. Furthermore there are multiple vets working efficiently at the treatment tables, Fully emerged from out streamlined process from design to delivery.

Suprising design

Where it comes to the promotion of your organisation, the focus is on the surprising design. Big names went ahead of you Philips, Holland Casino SC Heerenveen and Craft also use our design displays to their full satisfaction. But for interior design you are also at the right place at Destic. We created a diversity of products for national and international costumers.


Satisfied customers

Our strength is in this strong combination of functionality and creativity. We always think along wit our customers: in the design, the material that has to be chosen, the transportation fee, the cheapest packaging, et cetera. All our machines are technically of high level. And with the entire process of design, production and, if desired, assembly in our own hands, we always honour our commitments. Whatever you want to let us make in plastic, we can deliver it. You can always contact us for the possibilities.