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ABS is currently seen as the most inexpensive technical plastic. There is a multiple of different types with very different properties. ABS moulded parts are distinguished by a good impact resistance and a good heat resistance. ABS is anti-static without adding special additives. ABS is not suitable for outdoor applications because is ages strongly by the influence of UV light.

ABS is often used in combination with another material. When vacuum forming, the starting material is composed of several layers of different material types. This makes it possible to combine the good features of ABS with the good qualities of other substances, for example the UV resistance of PC. This makes it possible to put this material in an outdoor application. Examples are ABS/PMMA, ABS/ASA, ABS/PC, ABS/PVC.

Application examples
Mostly for technical molded parts, such as containers, housings, coverings, suitcase scales and plumbing parts.

ABS can be glued with special two components glue and it can also be welded.