Plastic Printing


Finalising photos and illustrations.

For a beautiful and sustainable presentation of photos and illustrations we apply various modern techniques such as laminating, gluing photos on plexiglass, poly veneers and encapsulating. Moreover, we are in possession of a state-of-the-art full colour Durst Pro 600 machine with which we can directly print on various materials.


Full colour printing.

Destic Displays is in possession of multiple printers that each have their own application. We can print directly on almost any board material/ canvas and on any desired dimension. This in combination with our other processing techniques ensures a unique product of high quality. In addition, we can white print, so that there can also be printed on transparent and dark materials. We can also print a UV protective layer or graffiti protective coating: width 2250 mm.


Possibilities for full colour printing.

Displays, photo walls, presentation walls, billboards, signage, information boards, interior, light box plates, doors, boards, cabinet panels, banners, pop-up systems, etcetera