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Kydex is a thermoplastic synthetic with a number of outstanding features. Case studies have now shown that the material itself can be quickly heated and formed, which can lead to considerable cost reduction. In addition we can mention a very accurate tolerance on the dimensions of the end product. Extreme shapes and very sharp angles are possible wit this remarkable material.

Kydex qualities
Kydex plates are extremely impact resistant and practically indestructable. Moreover, Kydex is resistant to a range of agressive chemicals. Furthermore,the material is self-extinguishing and heat resistant. For example, stubborn stains and graffiti can affortlessly be removed wit agressive detergents, without discouloration, fading or damageĀ  to he surface of the thermoplastic synthetic.

Application examples Kydex
Kydex is ideal for sustainable products in sanitary ware-blocs, as machine casing and in the technical and medical application. Especially for panels that are exposed to high-traffic, but also products that are regularly transported or moved, can perfectly be manufactured by this impact-resistant plastic.

Kydex can be glued with special two components glue.