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Laser with precision

"we can shape any plastic, secure within a tenth of a millimeter"

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Is speed important? And how accurate do we have to work? On the basis of these questions, we determine whether we mill the plastic manually or mill the plastic CNC (Computer Numerical Control) with a 5-axis machine. The latter we also use when the contours are very complex or when we have to work very precise. The last years we use CNC milling with increasing frequency, because we can finish the most complex products neatly. Our experts enjoy showing you how we put milling plastic into practice.

CNC milling and engraving

Logo’s, letters and specific models: our two CNC-milling machines can mill or engrave precisely to the hundredth millimeter. The software we developed easily converts techniques and computer files to “milling machine language”, so that plastic plates can be easily processed. We also have a state-of-the-art laser machine that can make accurate right angles and instantly polishes the sides. Furthermore, we have a 5-axis milling robot, a machine that complements this quartet. On this milling robot are, among others, made moulds and vacuum formed products reworked.

More than just milling

With many techniques excessive material remains behind and ugly edges have to be reworked. Milling plastic is than the perfect technique. But there are many other possibilities for processing plastics. So can components still be connected afterwards by means of welding, gluing, hinges or closures. There is, after all, rarely a product that consists of one component, but it is often a combination of several parts. Milling plastic is then solely a part of the general process.

Essential post-processing

When you work with the vacuum forming technique, post-processing and milling plastic are essential parts. The excessive material has to be removed properly, so the product is ready to be used. Destic can help you perfectly with this. We have experience with milling plastic and other techniques for more over a quarter of a century and we can also work with many types of plastics, so get in touch with us quickly.

Why Destic?

There are several companies that also have experience with milling plastic. But they do not supply the quality and service you can expect from us. With us you can count on:

  • A consultation in which we inform you from A to Z about the possibilities and costs
  • Very competitive prices, so you never pay too much
  • Knowledge for over a quarter of a century that resulted in manufacturing more than 500 products and experience with practically all plastics and techniques

Interested in our services?

Do you want us to design a product for you? Or do you have an idea and design yourself, and you want us to manufacture the product for you? We like to think along with you and we are happy to assist you. We can do this by advising you about suitable materials or the most inexpensive options in producing and finishing products by milling plastic. You can contact us by sending an email to