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Polymethylmethacrylate (ISO-acronym: PMMA), also abbreviated as acrylate, is a thermoplastic synthetic with a large number of excellent properties. Acrylate is one of the oldest and most applied synthetics.

Acrylate plates

The clear acrylate plates have a high air permeability and a low density of 1.2. Along with an unique weather resistance and stiffness, acrylate can replace glass in many cases. In addition, polymethylmethacrylate can be mechanically modified and can be easily thermoformed.

The use of polypropylene as raw material still grows very strong annually. This is due to the favourable price/performance ratio of this synthetic. Just like PE it is easy to apply and it possesses a broad spectrum of beneficial properties. Polypropylene has a higher stiffness of form than PE and can also be charged under long-term higher temperatures. Here, too, we should take the high shrinkage factor of polypropylene into account.