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The use of polypropylene as raw material still grows very strong annually. This is due to the favourable price/performance ratio of this synthetic. Just like PE it is easy to apply and it possesses a broad spectrum of beneficial properties. Polypropylene has a higher stiffness of form than PE and can also be charged under long-term higher temperatures. Here, too, we should take the high shrinkage factor of polypropylene into account.

Versions of Polypropylene

Additives are mainly added to PP for a better shape stability, which is achieved by adding tallow or glass fibers. There are also combinations of different layers of film possible with PE and PA.

Application Examples

PP is especially widely used in packaging films (35% market share) and for suitcase scales, housings and medical products. Furthermore, PP is widely used for parts from the automotive industry (13% market share).


Just like PE, gluing is very unfavourable. However, welding is quite possible.