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Polysterene is a highly transparent, crystal clear plastic with a high-gloss surface. Polysterene is very easily moldable, has a high stiffness of form and a very good dimension stability. Polysterene is pretty hard and has a good stiffness, but is however relatively brittle and prone to notch impact. It is of itself not UV resistant.

Versions of Polysterene
Additives are mainly added to improve the impact strenght of polysterene. In the packaging industry appear combinations of films for PS/PE, PS/PETG and PS/PS-HI. Adding additives for a better UV resistance also occurs. Furthermore, there are those versions where by means of adding glass fiber the mechanical properties are favourably influenced.

Application examples
Polysterene can be used for advertising lighting, packaging, toys and CD cases.

Polysterene may very well be glued solvents on the basis of Toluol. For welding, PS is also fine.