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"we can shape any plastic, secure within a tenth of a millimeter"

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When you want to have a product of plastic made, chances are you will use thermoplastic. Destic is specialised in this type of plastic for more than a quarter of a century. We can rework certain plastics, also known as thermoplastics, fully according to your wishes and thus manufacture a stunning product. In doing so, we put the client first and we offer you the best guidance and service. Thanks to our eye for detail we can help you perfectly.


What do we manufacture?

We are the supplier of plastic products. Whether it comes to making a unique display or the production of a series of crates, we can offer you the best service. We work wit thermoplastics, which are synthetics we can heat and thus get their specific shapes. By means of delivering thermoplastic custom work, we can satisfy our customers.

More than 500 applications

In the past quarter of a century we have made more than 500 applications possible for our customers. They were all very satisfied with it. Therefore, we do our best every day to always offer you the best:

  • We make our moulds ourselves, so we can deliver fast and inexpensive
  • With us, customization, service and quality come first.
  • Wit us, you always get free and non-binding advice.
  • You can choose from many types and colors of thermoplastic.

How does thermoplastic work?

Thermoplastics are synthetics, that become adaptable and moudable by heating them. After that, it is sucked over a mould by vacuuming it. This gives it the desired shape. After that, we let it cool off and it has been given its final form. Then we can finish it properly for you by cutting off ugly edges and excessive material, which we do by manual of CNC milling. We work wit the following types of thermoplastic:
• Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Polystyrene
The above is just a selection from our range. For our complete range please contact us for more information.