Al meer dan een kwart eeuw beoefenen we deze technieken

Specialist in thermoforming

Did you know Destic is specialized in thermoforming and making molds for plastic? For more than a quarter of a century we have been practicing these techniques, with which we have already made more than 500 objects. Thanks to our experience we can think along from the design phase about the product you want. We can also tell you exactly which materials are suitable. Discover our plastic molds fast.

What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a technique, in which a plastic plate is heated until it is flexible. After that, the plastic is sucked around a mould by means of vacuum forming, thus the space between the material and the plastic moulds disappears. When we wait until the plastic has cooled sufficiently the final form occurs. We then finish this neatly by milling the excessive plastic.

About our plastic moulds

We make the moulds for plastics ourselves. Aluminium moulds are poured or milled directly in a block of aluminium, depending on the product shape and desired accuracy. Is the mould created by pouring plastic, we decide on a wooden model that we then drain in aluminium. Because we make the moulds for plastic ourselves, you save a lot of money and you’re sure we will take your wishes into account.


What’s it used for?

Thermoforming is widely used in the production of plastic products. We are active in many sectors and we can make your product exactly as you wish. We do this using our own plastic moulds. You can compose sizes, designs and colours together with us.  The things we, amongst others, make are:

  • Packaging trays and displays
  • Various suitcases
  • Caps for electrical scooters
  • Roof penetrations
  • Sunbeds
  • Mats for in pig stables
  • Cover- and protection caps.

Discover our services

Do you already have a product in mind and are you only looking for a manufacturer to manufacture this for you? Or do you want assistance with the design? Destic is there for you either way. You can send us an email to