Vacuum formed moulds

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Why is a mould needed?

Certain plastics, also know as thermoplastics, become flexible when heated. By pulling or sucking them over a mould afterwards, the desired shape is acquired. This, however, will require a suitable mould. It is important to make sure there doesn’t get air between the mould and the plastic. Then we let the material cool off, so it gets it final form. Then we remove excessive and ugly edges, after which your product is ready to be used or installed.

Manufacturing a plastic mould

There is more in making a plastic mould than you think. For example, it requires the manufacturer, to work very empathic and accurately. Fortunately, Destic is then the right place to go. Because we have over a quarter of a century of experience, we have made over 500 applications. We prefer to make the plastic mould ourself, so we can deliver the customization you may expect from us. We can also work faster and cheaper that way.

How do we make a mould?

For the above process a mould is required. We mill these out of a block of aluminium or we cast them. This depends on how accurate we have to work and on the shape of the product. Is the mould manufactured by casting plastic, we first make a wooden model, which we then cast in aluminium. We always go through your wishes thoroughly, so we always manufacture the desired mould.

For the complete process

We are not the only company that is capable of making plastic moulds, but we are pretty unique in our complete approach: we guide you already at the designing process to give you tips for the production process. Furthermore, we can also finish and re-finish plastics. Because we manufacture the moulds ourself and also control the entire process ourself:

  • We can charge very good and attractive prices;
  • You can be sure we deliver custom work
  • It is possible to deliver faster than others
  • We guarantee we make you a plastic mould of good quality.

How can we help you?

Destic is specialized in making plastic products. We do this for several branches, such as the automotive and furniture industry and the food sector. We supply the best quality, because our basis is very solid: we help you during the design phase and we can make the plastic mould ourself. Do you want to know more about this? We are happy to assist you at any time.