Uw partner voor design, maatwerk en massa productie van kunststof producten.

How can we help you?

Destic is specialized in making plastic products. We do this for several branches, such as the automotive and furniture industry and the food sector. We supply the best quality, because our basis is very solid: we help you during the design phase and we can make the plastic mould ourself. Do you want to know more about this? We are happy to assist you at any time.

How does vacuum forming work?

Vacuum forming is also called hot stamping. In this process a plastic plate is heated until it is visco-elastic, so it becomes formable. It is then sucked in or around a mould, so we can vacuum form it, because the plastic is tightly around the mould. We also make these moulds ourself. We let the end result, the plastic around the mould, cool off and we rework it then. This is the way we work, when you want to let us make your plastic forms. We are happy to inform you further about all this.

Having plastic forms made

When you want to have a product made from plastic, vacuum forming is a commonly used technique. For over thirty years, Destic is specialized in this technique. But for other methods besides vacuum forming, Destic is also the place to go. For example, we can also thermoform or thermoplast, depending on your product and the used plastic. In consultation with you, we like to think along, so you get the best possible result by vacuum forming.

About the application possibilities

Whether it’s large or small series, vacuum forming is almost always suitable. The tipping point in choosing a different technique than vacuum forming, moves backwards as the products grows. It is a popular technique for products of various plastics. Also, the investment costs for vacuum forming are relatively low. The mould costs are quite low, because we work with less presure and there is only a single open mould needed to make plastic forms.

Why choose Destic?

We are not the only company that knows exactly how vacuum forming works or by whom you can make plastic forms. That’s why we try to give some extra services:

  • We already think along with you in the designing phae for the perfect result
  • Because we do the vacuum forming ourself, you can count on the best customization
  • With us, you can count on over a quarter of a century of experience, with more than 500 manufactured products.
  • Our prices are very sharp, so you never pay too much.

Do you want to get in touch with us?

Do you have a product in mind you want us to develop? Or do you want to know more about vacuum forming? Destic is there to answer all you questions. You can contact us by sending an email to