Destic Plastics

Your partner for design, precision and mass production of plastic products

Laser with precision

"we can shape any plastic, secure within a tenth of a millimeter"

XL Smartphone

Multimedia for your presentation

We have a team of specialized staff and a comprehensive, modern machine park that can be used for all possible processing techniques. Factors as a material type and format determine the choice of technology. Is it a force first or is aesthetics the determining factor? For more than 25 years, our employees have the knowledge and experience and we provide a balanced and professional advice. Your wishes will be realised optimally.

Our clients:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Pr – departments of organizations
  • Photo studios
  • Banks, insurance companies
  • Organizations in health care, hospitals
  • Interior builders, shop instructors
  • Stand builders
  • Contractors, painters and glass dealers
  • Furniture factories
  • Machine factories
  • Municipal and other government agencies